Tower Development

Blue Ridge Towers specializes in developing build-to-suit towers for our anchor tenants in the most difficult of scenarios. We have earned an outstanding reputation as a go to, turn-key resource for the major carriers in our markets.

Blue Ridge Towers has distinct advantages over our competitors as the result of longstanding relationships with the municipalities and all major consultants in our markets.

Most importantly, through strategic planning and our marketing efforts, Blue Ridge Towers has become a household name as it relates to cell phone towers and wireless development in our given markets.

Site Acquisition

Blue Ridge Towers provides turn-key site acquisition consulting services for individual sites as well as large scale deployments as a Turf vendor.

In today’s wireless environment, it is essential to deliver sites with extreme speed while having the experience and insight not to overlook any details.

Zoning Consulting

We pride ourselves on taking advantage of our understanding of tower ordinances and strong relationships with every municipality in our markets. Some of these relationships span 20+ years.

DAS & Small Cells

Blue Ridge Towers is currently engaged in several large scale small cell projects that include partnering with broad band authorities to provide last mile broadband coverage wirelessly, college campuses and several hundred convenience store locations available for small cell lease up.

Specializing in developing and marketing small cell networks on behalf of municipalities and large scale real estate developers.